I am Archie, will you help me?

ghd partnership are currently designing a scheme for the adaptation/refurbishment of a 3 bedroom property in Southampton to allow a two year old boy to come out of hospital to live with his two brothers and his Mummy and Daddy.  Unfortunately Archie caught a virus in May 2015 and became ill.  He was rushed into hospital where he was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis.  This is a rare condition which unfortunately means that he is paralysed and cannot use his arms or legs anymore.  ghd are working with Archie’s parents, friends and occupational therapist in order to adapt their home to suit Archie’s needs both now and in the future.  You can follow Archie’s progress on his facebook page – www.facebook.com/archiesfuture or if you are able to help in anyway please visit – www.gofundme.com/archieadams