Project title: Pre-acquisition of retail unit and storage units.

Project value:  £1,365.00

Project description:  ghd partnership Ltd were appointed by a toy shop owner who was planning to take on a 10 year lease on a shop unit, external storage and staff areas in a ground floor building in Broad Street, Alresford. This part of Alresford dates back to the 17th / 18th  Centuries and is predominately Georgian buildings set off a main thoroughfare.

Our client was made aware of his responsibility, by his solicitors, under a full repair and insure lease (FRI) which extended to all the internal aspects of the shop unit, all external garden areas, boundary walls and a third share of all the external elevations and roof finishes / structure.

When undertaking building surveys such as these it is important to ensure that not only does the schedule of conditions include for the standards elements it must include:-

  1. The level and extent of any damp that may exist within the building,
  2. A full record off all structural features.

These are important as the landlord will try and use the condition of these elements as part of his claim in respect to the dilapidations.

The dilapidation survey is prepared by the landlord’s surveyor just before the end of the tenancy / lease agreement. As with any other similar aged buildings, standard defects are common such as uneven wall surfaces, leaning structures, cracks in internal / external wall structure, uneven roof finishes, slipped and missing external roof tiles etc. Due to the age and condition of the building a thorough survey was undertaken internally on a room by room basis recording each element, such as floors, walls, doors, windows and ceilings etc. Photographs were used to assist with recording the condition of both the internal and external aspects of the property and due to the excessive number were issued on a CD to accompany the report.

In some instances the amount of defects can lead to a reduced rent or a rent free period is agreed between the two parties, thereby allowing any tenant to carry out some significant repairs / improvement.

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