Project title: Large conservatory style extension to student recreation area

Client: Itchen 6th Form College

Value: £229,000

Main contractor: West End Construction Ltd

Project description: Itchen 6th Form College is located within the Southampton area and currently provides a teaching facility for 1500 students. The college requested a feasibility study for the construction of a single storey extension to their existing student recreation facility; this lead to a subsequent project for the build. 

The client’s requirements were to provide:

  • A larger refectory/dining area
  • A larger social hub area capable of holding small music/drama events
  • A integrated facility to link the two areas
  • A more acoustically and light filled area

Key considerations:

  • The existing facility was small and cramped due to the area being a former in-fill to an external under-croft
  • DDA compliance/upgrade required
  • Fire escape routes need to be maintained – the main fire routes to the upper storey classrooms
  • Differences in levels along extent of new construction

Works undertaken by ghd:

ghd carried out an initial feasibility which consolidated the client brief for the subsequent project. Statutory approvals were obtained from planning and building control. There included for extensive research for the dealing of storm water drainage. 

Key features incorporated:

  • Underground water storage tank (sustainable feature/rainwater collection for future use by college) – facility has saved the college on their water bill
  • Sun pipes to new extension – energy saving on lighting
  • Acoustic suspended ceiling – all echo end reverberation sound removed – sound – deadening improvements
  • Glazed floor to ceiling walling – fire rated to allow for exit route within middle of extension but maintaining a sense of one room
  • Platform lift – DDA compliancy enabling less able-bodied persons to use the whole facility
  • A further terracing project followed thus extending the recreational facility externally for summer/fair weather days

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