Project title: New build proposals – Winchester

Project description: Concept drawings and subsequent planning application for 3nr new dwellings on a plot of land currently occupied by a single large four bedroom bungalow. The owners of the land and bungalow wanted to down-size their property but at the same time provide starter homes for their children. They had had a previous scheme rejected by Winchester City Council (WCC) and wished to proceed with an alternative. 

Key features:

  • Sloping site
  • Requirement for three properties
  • Changing of housing stock from low rise to two storey

Works undertaken by ghd: Planning drawings were produced and submitted to WCC fro approval. Plans were again rejected on the basis of over-development of the site. ghd considered a scheme with a pair of semi-detached properties was likely to be approved rather than trying to incorporate 3nr properties. The clients did not consider this a viable project and therefore the scheme was abandoned.

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