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Feasibility Studies
A feasibility study for a project will provide the Client with information to gauge whether their project is viable. It will include an initial suitable design concept with a budget costing to undertake the proposed scheme.
Drawing services - with focus on design
Drawings are prepared using Computer Aided Design (CAD). ghd partnership offer a drawing service to assist others. Drawings include existing and proposed plans, elevations, sections and topographical drawings.
Acquiring statutory consents – planning and building control approvals
Clients’ proposals are discussed and submitted for planning and building regulation approvals. All queries raised by relevant departments are discussed and resolved appropriately; reducing the burden on the Client.
Specification writing and Procurement duties
Preparation of a full detailed specification will allow the Client to obtain three to four quotations from Contractors. The Client will feel confident that their requirements are fully met and will be able to appoint the Contractor that they feel fits their criteria and budget. The Client can monitor the project on site but feel assured that ghd partnership is on hand to assist, on an hourly rate, as and when required. NBS Specifications can be written where required for large contracts.
Project and Contract Management
Where the Client would prefer more direction and a ‘hands-on’ approach from ghd partnership we will supervise the entire building works and monitor the Contractor’s quality, programme progress and agree interim and final accounts on behalf of the Client; alleviating the Client of the burden of managing the works.  Whether the building works are for a new building, refurbishment, extension or maintenance works, the procedures are very similar and ghd partnership follow the RIBA plan of works. Click here to see the RIBA Plan of Work 2013

Building Condition Surveys
A building condition survey is usually commissioned prior to the purchase of a building or prior to the signing of a lease. Its purpose is to establish the current condition of the building so that any existing defects and their repair costs are identified prior to a commitment being made. The survey includes all external and internal aspects of the property; flat roofs will be accessed via ladder, roof void where access is possible. Binoculars are used to inspect pitched roofs from either ground level or where advantage points can be gained. Visual inspections of all internal services, i.e. mechanical and electrical services will be included within the survey. Survey of garages and outhouses can be included at an additional cost.
Building Condition Survey with Maintenance Costs
A building condition survey is produced as described above along with identification of repair costs for elements of the building along with appropriate timescales for repair / maintenance. Partial Inspection and Report – The building survey can be adapted to cover a certain element or elements of the building, i.e. structure only.
Building Condition Survey with Maintenance Management
A building condition survey is produced as described above with the addition of a spreadsheet of repairs and data require for a maintenance plan.
Dilapidations Surveys
A survey conducted at the end of the lease of a building used to identify repairs that are required to be undertaken by the leasee prior to the termination of their lease. Ghd partnership will prepare a schedule of dilapidations listing the areas where the tenant has not complied with the lease.  This schedule usually includes budget estimates for required repairs.
Schedule of Condition for New Lease
In many cases, the repairing liabilities of the tenant are limited to maintaining the building in its present condition. In order for this to have effect, it is essential that the condition at the commencement of the lease is fully recorded in sufficient detail so that it can be checked at the end of the lease. This is done by means of a Schedule of Condition which may be written, illustrated with photographs or both.  Our schedules are detailed and carefully prepared, recognising the potential loss to the tenant if existing defects are either not noted or, more commonly, not adequately described or photographed.
Measured Surveys
Prior to the commencement of building works, or as a basis for proper management of a building we undertake a measured survey and preparation of existing drawings. The drawings may be comparatively simple, identifying the positions of walls, partitions, windows etc. or more complex to include identification of structural materials, service pipe routes, power outlets etc. More comprehensive surveys would be undertaken for project works involving planning and building regulation applications.
Defect diagnosis
Diagnosis of a particular defect within a building; provides the Client with a written report of possible cause and rectification.
Party Wall etc. Act 1996, and Party Wall Services

ghd partnership directors are both members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS) and can advise whether Clients require a Part Wall Notice to be served and carry out all subsequent duties for the Client, including negotiating with the adjoining owners, writing and issuing of letters, condition surveys and reports.  The service can be provided as part of a project or independently if another practice is undertaking the project management and design elements.  For more information regarding The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 please click here.

Repair & Maintenance Programmes / Management

Full or partial management of a Client’s repair and maintenance requirements for their buildings. This service includes the logging of incidents, organising of Contractors to resolve issues / problems, budget control, regular and appropriate element testing and production of statutory documentation for inspection where required. ghd partnership provide an excellent R&M service to 11 no infant, junior and primary schools within the Southampton area. This service includes organising all statutory compliance works, day to day maintenance and advising on and carrying out additional building works. Statutory compliance has become a ‘hot topic’ as new legislation comes into place all the time and the onus for the health and safety of building users falls onto building managers. ghd partnership relieves this pressure from building managers/head teachers, our clients, by recruiting and organising competent contractors to carry out the works efficiently and to a high standard. ghd partnership put programmes into place to ensure all statutory testing is carried out at the correct intervals and at times that are convenient to building users. ghd partnership ensure all compliance testing is carried out to the legal requirements. This is proving an invaluable service for our clients who no longer have to think about organising servicing or checks to their building fabric and core elements. Additionally ghd partnership are able to organise larger programmes of work such as gutter clearance and similar preventative maintenance. Major repairs such as entire re-roofs or replacement of windows, heating or electrical systems are all well within the remit of this versatile and accomplished company. The service effectively works as a ‘one stop shop’ dealing with all statutory and reactive items. ghd partnership seek to help schools accumulate funds so that further proactive maintenance can be carried out, which is generally included in the service. If you would like a quotation or to talk to a member of the team about your maintenance requirement please do not hesitate to get in contact with the office.

DDA Adaptations
ghd partnership continues to work with a local housing association on various disabled adaptation works.  Works range from installing new kitchens to new bedrooms with en-suite shower rooms.  DDA adaptations aim to promote and allow independent living for adults and assisted/improved arrangements for families with a disabled child.